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Dangers on fishing
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White fish on tap

There is almost nowhere to catch on the river, and where you can go fishing in the spring on tap. Tackle, bait and bait.

During this period of high water there are as many anglers on the banks as if the full season of summer fishing had opened. These are, of course, the cranks who yearn for the float rod. There is almost nowhere to catch on the river. Everywhere there is a bubbling stream that will carry away any tackle, even if you put half a kilogram weights. Yes, even with a kilogram. The force of the spring flow is too great. And with an increase in the mass of the feeder, its area usually increases, and hence the effect of water will be greater. On the feeder while in the riverbed catching is impractical. Hooks will cling to the bushes standing in the water and closed by water. The gently sloping beaches are also located in the water that approached the forest, and somewhere it was entered by lowlands and ravines.

How and what to fish on tap

We catch in the “flooded” forests
If you walk through such a flooded forest, then in the heated shallow bays you can see movement in the water, and even a splash of some kind of not the smallest fish. And here everything is clear. Here, in the flooded forest, firstly, it is full of all sorts of different edible little things, and these are insects, larvae and worms that crawled out of the holes. And secondly, the water in such places is warming up in the summertime shallows. If you throw a float fishing pole here with a bark beetle larvae hooked on it, you can get on the bastard of roach, roaches, broods, podleschik and other so-called “white” fish. Sometimes a completely decent fish will sit on a hook. But it is rare. Too small here and the fish sees the angler with a fishing rod. In such a place it is better to catch a long fishing rod, moving away from the water’s edge, as far as possible. And go to the bushes and find a place where there is some kind of groove at the bottom depth of at least about a meter. But deeper than one and a half meters fish is unlikely to take. In deep ravines, flooded with water, the water temperature is almost the same as the water temperature in the river bed.

If the flooded forest is located near the crucian pond, then here you can catch spring crucians, who also went out to bask in the sun. The problem happens with casts among the bushes. It is simply impossible to catch a float rod. Therefore, in such places it is better to use a fishing rod with a side nod. A side nod is needed to indicate a bite, which is more noticeable when the canvas or spring is nodded away. A nod is better to pick a large one. You can use the so-called smelt guard with a bright and rather large ball. With the stiffness visible at first glance, it is quite sensitive, although it will not work as a nod with a small and light mormysk. But this in catching, for example, the crucian is not required. The main bite is clearly visible.

Tackle for fishing

Fishing tackle with a side nod
The rigging of such a fishing rod with a side nod is made miniature, but to a certain limit. It would be possible to use a rougher tackle for spring fishing in the bushes and grass, when the hooks are inevitable. But here, in the flooded forest and on the lawns-shallow waters, the water is already clear, unlike the water in the river bed, where a muddy suspension of clay and earth flows in a powerful stream. Therefore, a monofilament line with a diameter of 0.2 millimeter can be used as the main line, and a fluorocarbonic line with a thickness of 0.18-0.2 millimeter can be used for a leash. Such thickness of the fishing line is necessary where the Volga crucian rises by the river, which can be of solid standards. In the flooded environs of the pond, where the crucian is found in a small scale, you can use more delicate tackle. At the end of the leash you can tie a medium-sized mormysk light colors, but not brilliant.

I advise you to read – Catching with a side nod

We catch as in the winter
Fishing is performed according to the winter pattern, that is, the jig moves down vertically, from the tip with a nod. Castings are not made, and the mormyshka just sinks to the bottom, as if on a classic winter fishing in a hole drilled in the ice. And as in winter fishing, you can play along with the tip of the rod and a nod so that the jig lifts up and knocks on the bottom, raising the dregs and creating a noise background. In this case, for some time, the baited mormyshka can be left stationary. Especially long pauses are best maintained after a period of play jigs. And often for a long pause should bite crucian or other “white” fish.

Bait and bait for fishing in early spring
For catching in early spring, on a spill, worms and bloodworms are used as bait, sometimes with the addition of maggots, larvae of burdock and wormwood moths. The latter is preferable to maggot.

Prikorm can be used for “white” fish and better for cold water.

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