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What we catch in the offseason?

We have on a suburban river, which froze in some places in winter, you can already catch the most diverse fish, even carp, which already in April are often found in these places. But this is due to the proximity of the city and the waters that come from the storm sewer, of course, warmer. I would like to think that only out of rain …

Bleak, too, already takes full swing, both from ice on winter fishing rods, and on open water. But walking on ice is already too dangerous, even where the main area of ​​the reservoir is still covered with a thick layer of ice. Scum now often form under the crust or under a thin crust of ice. And the ice itself became crystalline and loose, filled with water. It collapses immediately and without warning cod, as in November-December.

Bleak in the offseason

Our carp is caught at this time on the city river by feeders and donks, which are prototypes of feeders. Tackle should be strong. Someone uses and feeder rods class heavy. And this is logical, since the flood has not yet begun, but the current in Malaya Kokshag is strong, especially where carp is usually expected. But the strength of the rod of heavy class is greater than that of the medium. If you hapnet good fish, then at least it will not break the rod. Advanced anglers usually put a reel with a baytranner on such a rod. Then generally good. If you doze off with a fishing rod or go into the bushes for necessary need, then the mustache will not carry the rod into the water. Baytranner disable the brake and hand over the line.

Feeders are usually put weighing about 100 grams. The main line is a braided cord with a thickness of 0.3 mm and a lead with a diameter of 0.3 mm made of fluorocarbon or monofilament.

Carp hooks No. 6-8 of the international classification.

Worms serve as bait, and as the water gets warmer, Bonduelle corn will also be in circulation. The bait is usually served as a finished feeder mixture with a filler in the form of “salapinsky” porridge.

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Bleak takes in warm backwaters closer to the city. We have this place – just above the railway bridge and the channel from the river to the dammed reservoir near the forest. On the bed below the bridge, where the water becomes much colder, bleak rarely comes across, even where there is no ice. Here she will soon peck greedily and often, but closer to the end of April and in May, when the water warms up in the sun.

Tricks for catching bleak selected the easiest and thinnest. Carbon fiber rod with a length of 6-7 meters. The main line is 0.12 mm thick, and the driver diameter is 0.08-0.1 mm. Hook better to take thin and small – number 2.5 of our numbering. The float is used lightweight, sporty, for the fly fishing rod. Given that the bleak often falls on the stream, and not only on the reverse, but also on the main stream, the shape of the float must be chosen not oval or needle-like, but oval or round. This refers to the body of the float under the antenna. Long floats on the flow work poorly. Bleak is usually caught in the wiring, in the floor of the water, and more often at the surface of the river. Particularly willingly bleak kept in the surface layers of water, when the river has not yet warmed in the spring sun and the thermocline is high.

The worms are baited at this time, but the more active and reliable bite is on white and red moldy worm. As a bait, you can use a finished surface bait or simply dry semolina, which lasts at the surface of the water for quite a long time and attracts bleak light and actively moving grains.

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Crucians in this period go to the shallow waters, where oases of old grass and reeds were formed. There is already warm water in which insects appear. Often, such attractive places for carp are in the mouths of rivers that flow into ponds. Takes carp and ice, but rather sluggish. Yes, and it is advisable not to go on the ice for the reasons given above. Catching a crucian in the grass is better for fishing with a side nod. About her already repeatedly mentioned in previous articles. This is the most suitable option for fishing rod in caps. The crank serves as bait, but somewhere a crucian carp is better taken on a worm. For vegetable baits time has not come yet.

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For burbot comes the time of the last zhora before a long period of summer hibernation. Probably, only until the end of April and the first days of May there will be an opportunity to catch this predator on the donk and the hatch. It all depends on the temperature of the water.

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