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Rules for successful fishing
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Autumn fishing conditions

“White” and predatory fish in the fall. Where to catch the “white” fish with the arrival of autumn. What prikormki and nozzles use. What and where to catch the predator in the fall.

In autumn and especially in late autumn, many fishing conditions change. And first of all it is connected with the cooling of the water and the preparation of most of the fish for a long hibernation in winter. And this forces the fish to feed hard, and all the fish, and those who lie in the wintering pits in sleepy stupor, and those who will move and eat throughout the winter, albeit with a decrease in activity, when compared with summer time.

“White” fish in the fall
Speaking of fish from the carp family, it should be noted that bream, white bream, sopa, blue bream, roach lead a relatively active lifestyle in winter and they need calories in the fall to resist the body in difficult winter conditions. Therefore, in the autumn time for catching these fish you need to choose more high-calorific bait and bait. The most suitable baits for cold weather can be called worms and maggots, as well as bloodworms. The closer to the winter, the moth becomes more and more popular with these fish.

Fishing for bream in autumn

As for baits, it is already possible to safely use winter mixes for cold water, where usually there are no summer biscuit smells, but animal components predominate. Also various dipa, for example, “worm”, “bloodworm”, and syrups with smells of fish, shrimp, and crayfish are used. Even hemp is used to attract autumn fish and the smell of smoked salmon, which at first glance seems unusual, but it happens with the smell of garlic and even kerosene, which for some reason attract carp. You will not understand this fish …

Places of catching “white” fish
In the fall, it is necessary to choose deeper places for catching “white” fish, especially if the target of fishing is bream. Although this fish is still feeding on the edges, these edges should already be on the borders of deep holes. On the Volga, bream almost completely moves to the right high bank, where depths of 6–12 meters prevail. From the sandy spit and dimples of the left bank, cyanus leaves with a thicket. Only a dace frolics, as usual, in the grass near the shore or near the islands of vegetation on the distant approaches. Larger meatballs are also caught at depth.

Fishing on a small river in autumn

Predators in the fall
Pike perch and pike are the most active predators on the big river. The asp is also caught on wobblers, sometimes by alloy. Sudak at this time will flash in a plumb-line at a depth, implanting sliced ​​tulk on the jig-head or large mormyshk. Pike is caught on spinning along the pit holes and along the edge of the grass in deep bays. She also comes across heavy lures with sheer luster. Sometimes more effective is the method of staged wiring at the bottom of a heavy oscillating spoon. And now the pauses are made shorter, since the pike is more active in the fall. Perches sometimes react better at this time to the rigging, which is called “Christmas tree”, “train” and many more invented names. The essence of the rigging consists in a tandem of heavier lead bait and leads with hooks or small blades. Hooks are usually supplied with cambric, white insulation cuts and red hairs. Put and mormyshki with Kembrik and wool. Most often the leading bait is a heavy lure such as a castmaster or other wobbler. Used and winter jigger.

Pike on a wobbler

On the reservoir
On the reservoirs in the channels there is something like an autumn course. Usually there is a rather large roach on the ducts. Bream is also caught in the channel pit. And in the bays it sometimes excites and eagerly takes pike. Moreover, in the autumn, its exits to grassy shoals are frequent, where pike grabs wobblers and oscillating loins. She will not refuse from spinning blades. Particularly massive are the exits of the autumn pike on the coastal shoals on the quiet and sunny days of the so-called “Indian summer”. Often on such nice days you can hear the battle of a large pike in the shallow waters. In the flood zone, where forests were once, pike and perch are also active. They are successfully caught in these places for spinning. And the most catchy bait is often white wavering lure, for example, a simple bait “Atom”.

On small rivers
Fishing predator in the fall on the river

On small rivers, pike comes across on spinning, live grouse and summer asperism, installed both from the shore and from a boat. Such fishing is convenient in that it is possible to take the soul away to catch the autumn roach on the float fishing pole near the coastal grass and at the same time watch the donkeys and the asperities.

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