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On the small river in October

Bait and tackle for autumn on small rivers. What are the advantages of Bologna equipment for small rivers in October. Catching on feeder, what bait and prikormku use. Live bait on pike.

Although small rivers do not differ in impressive size, they can bring to the angler many delightful minutes of forest silence and wild beauty of the world surrounding the river, where a goshawk soars a hawk, relying on warm air currents, the evening dawn goes out and the bleak sleepily melts in the mirror water of the river. But besides the beauty and landscapes, a small river can bring good prey in the form of a pair of bream, and then a dozen dark silver fish in a good time bream activity. Can peck grapes and three hundred weight, golden ide or red-faced chub. There are many rivers and pikes, and perch in flocks prey on the topcoil. But all this is spring and summer.

In the autumn a small river freezes. Sometimes it seems that there is no life left in its lead-gray waters. On shoals, no bursts of chubs and ides are visible, in the pits they will not hit the pike with their tails, they will not sprinkle the bleak over the top, fleeing from the hastily-gambling perch. Nevertheless, if you approach fishing carefully and carefully examine the features of the autumn small river, then at this time you can find your fish here.

Fishing on a small river in October

Bait and tackle for autumn on small rivers
First of all, in the cold autumn time, it is desirable to change the bait, that is, to use along with the worm or instead of it the winter bait – the bloodworm. This can dramatically change the efficiency of fishing. In addition, it is necessary to revise the gear and make a choice in favor of a thin snap, which is usually used in winter. This fishing line is not 0.18-0.2 mm thick, but already 0.12-0.15 mm, speaking of the main line of the float rod. On leads, in general, you can already use a line with a diameter of 0.08-0.1 mm. But this refers to catching small fry and other small fish.

Bologna equipment
In the autumn, it is possible to successfully catch podleschiki on a small river with a float fishing rod. Oddly enough, but sometimes a simple float can give better and weighty prey than the feeder and donka. But fly fishing rod can not always meet the conditions of autumn fishing. For fishing, Bologna equipment is better suited. Why?

And the reason for this choice in the method of catching a whitethief, and if you’re lucky, then the bream. For more efficient fishing it is better to use fishing in the wiring with pauses, with the float and bait hook in certain places. This method often causes a rather large fish to bite, including bream and roach.

For fishing with Bologna tackle, you need a light carbon fiber rod, 6-7 meters long, equipped with a match reel with a shallow wide spool. For this fishing it is better to use special floats, in which tubes are mounted for fastening fishing line. This distinguishes the Bologna floats from the flight floats, where the mount for the fishing line consists of a ringlet in the float and a silicone cambric on the keel of the float. When fishing in the harness, when the float is at a relatively large distance from the angler, an unnecessarily vigorous hooking can snatch the ring of attachment from the body of the float, because here there is more resistance than when hooking with a fly rod.

Bologna floats for fishing in the fall on the river

Wiring is best done at uneven places where a baited hook will occasionally touch the bottom. This, of course, will create some difficulties with the exact definition of the bite and hitting the bottom, but soon these differences will be clear and noticeable. And with this method of biting can be more frequent during the touch of the bait at the bottom. In addition, as already mentioned, taking the stick also causes the gambling activity of the fish.

Feeder fishing
Nothing prevents during fishing on the float fishing rod in the wiring to install near and feeder. Sometimes this tackle works better on small rivers in the autumn than a fishing rod, especially in inclement weather, which often happens in the fall every day, every other day. It is also better to make the equipment of the feeder more subtle, and to attach several larvae of moth to the hook. Bait at this time is used winter, for cold water, without excessive bright flavors. It is desirable to add to it, in addition to the filler from the Salapinsky porridge, also the moth.

Autumn feeder fishing in October on a small river

Lively Donkey
If several small fish are caught, then it is absolutely necessary to throw live bait donkeys. In the autumn, these gears often work along the pike better than any spinning, at least on a small river. It is clear that the Donkey should be set far away. A bell or a large bell feeder will report on the bite. And if these donks are left for the night, then the prey can become burbot.

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