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Vezloma River, estuary

Fishing places – the river Vesloma, the mouth part. Where and what they catch. Description of the river. What fish prevails in the catch of fishermen. How to get to the river.

In these parts there are quite a few promising places for fishing, including for spinningists. This water body is one of a series of such catchy points that are interesting for anglers, but also vacationers find secluded corners and beaches here.

The mouth of the river Vesloma

Description of the mouth of the river Vesloma
The mouth part of the Vezloma River, which is located in the Nizhny Novgorod region, refers rather to the Volga Bay, since there is no current here. The bottom relief in this place is relatively flat and gently sloping. The depth of the gulf river reaches seven meters.

This is a famous and attractive place not only for anglers, but also for family holidays. This is due to the fact that most of the left bank is a real beach with a sandy and gently sloping bottom. As for the conditions for feeder and other fishing, there is a rather monotonous bottom relief with a coastline offshore. In order to reach the edge, many anglers simply enter the river, since small-sized perch is found mostly in coastal shallow water. Those who manage to abandon further can sometimes rely on perch and large perch. Although it cannot be said that such large fishes are often caught here. Professional fishermen-athletes with long-distance casting, can catch and asp, which often arranges its famous “cauldrons”, but this cautious predator keeps far from the coast.

Perch on microjig on the river Vesloma

In contrast to the left bank, the right side is distinguished by difficult terrain for fishing. One of the interesting places can be attributed to the exit point, which is under a small bridge. This is the exit from the main duct. This is clearly a promising place for catching a chub, which is not news, because there is no better place for fishing on a chub than places just under bridges, piles and other obstacles and shelters.

Further, the topography of the coast and the bottom surface becomes even more convenient and attractive for fishing, with a steeper coast and depth. Here the brow is very close to the coast and there is a lot of vegetation on its border. Most of them are water lilies. There is literally everything overgrown with lopushnikom this plant and, of course, in such places holds a lot of perch, hunting small fish.

If you move to the Volga channel, you can find another attractive place for fishing, located on the site of the former long gulf. But more recently, this bay has become shallow. It is difficult to get into it now by boat. But at the same time at the end of the bay, where there is a way out of it, there is a pit with quite decent depth. Predatory fish often accumulate here, but it is quite actively caught. Therefore, as lucky ….

Following even further, it can be stated that the right bank becomes even more diverse in its relief, and the depths are literally under the coast. The spinning specialist here does not need to make long-range casts of bait. Places for wiring are sometimes at a distance of no more than two meters.

Where the river Vesloma flows into the Volga, there are also promising places for predator fishing with spinning. Here there are all conditions for catching the asp, since at the inflow of the tributary a characteristic and extended spit was formed, on the border of which the asp and other predatory fish can hunt. And here there is already a real opportunity to catch a large asp, which is called trophy. Often one can see his large powerful back showing from the water. This suggests that sheresper here is not particularly cautious and feels safe. Not every place you can see such a show, because this predator has a surprisingly secretive character.

If we talk about the prey of spinningists, then in this reservoir such predators as pike perch, asp, perch and pike predominate. The most attractive bait here is microjig. However, every spinningist finds the most suitable bait for him, usually by experiment.

Pike caught on the Veszloma River

How to get to the mouth of the river Vesloma?
To do this, start your route from the Kirov highway along the new Borsk bypass road. Next, you must proceed to the ferry, which is called “Bor”. There are special equipped parking and grounds. It is also possible to park on the side of the road. One of the equipped sites is located in the area of ​​the Bor ferry.

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