And on the boat you did not fly
This story happened on Bolshoy Martyn Lake, on one of the very hot and sultry days when the air seemed to thicken, became hot and still. And it lasted a…

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Fishing places. At the island
This is a wide channel, which is called the second, then the third. If we take into account an even wider channel, but rather an ice plateau, which stretches from…

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Should each fishing net have a line inspector?
Amateur fishermen are already fined on new taxes for catching “substandard” fish, and has this already affected network owners? I do not know how it will be on the Volga…

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Season starts

In our area, everyone is waiting for the rise of the crucian carp from the Volga. Meanwhile, the fishermen checking the Little Kokshag on the subject of raising this crucian, in fact, every day, fall on a good bite of ide and a rather large roach. Moreover, according to reports, they catch absolutely no bait and the most ordinary worm. Someone finds his fish in the city, on the reservoir, dug in the river Kokshaghi. Caught mostly roach and less often podleschiki. And most recently, little sazanchikas were desperately pecking. Someone caught and released, and someone aggressively “pulled” them in dozens and put them in a bag. It turned out that last fall these sazanchikas were released into the Malaya Kokshagu River. But, either there was little information, or simply many elderly fishermen, who were not in tune with the computer, naturally did not go to the local forum and did not know about this act of releasing juveniles into the river. And in the newspapers, local journalists do not cover such a trifle. More in the course chernukha and golimye bytovuha, as in our central television. Only the program “112” which is on REN TV, during the viewing of which it seems that the journalists of this program are engaged only in digging in moral garbage dumps and swagging everything that smells badly on the pages of their vile television program. Continue reading

Choice of landing net for fishing

I would like to start the review on the choice of landing net with my purchase, made on the eve of fishing in a small shop, which is literally next to the house. Already initially aware of the disadvantages and advantages of the podsachek chosen by me, I nevertheless bought it. Firstly, there wasn’t much choice in a small shop on the outskirts, and secondly, for that fishing from the shore, which I have to do on a city river, where you don’t come by car, this landing gear is most suitable. One-piece podsachek with a folding powerful frame and a plug handle is already in my arsenal, and I am also going to purchase a similar landing gear. But this is heavy artillery for catching large fish, mainly carp. There is no special need to drag it towards you in a non-separable form, since the upcoming fishing will be aimed at the Volga crucian carp, which, although it weighs up to 2 kilograms, is not often caught. In addition, the fact that I purchased, to take such a copy will not be problems. If only pecked. Continue reading

Choice of fishing tank

How to choose a fishing tank? Mesh size and material of manufacture. The selection of the length of the cage. Averaged version of the cage, between sports and amateur.

Choosing a fishing tank. Here we will focus on choosing a cage for recreational fishing, given that the target can be a large carp, a crucian carp, a bream, and a fish that lives in many of our Russian waters. This fish is considered medium-sized, somewhere even weedy, for example, bleak, the number of the catch of which is not even regulated by the new rules of fishing. And for a fisherman, a bleak is also a joy for the soul, especially those who yearned for winter fishing, and a completely valuable product. From bleak it turns out a great fry of the type of seeds that are crunchy on the teeth – an excellent snack for beer. In addition, bleak can make great sprats, salted, smoked. This is a fat and tender fish that I would like to keep alive until the end of fishing. But it is not possible to do this in every garden. Usually from metal and most of the cages, it runs away due to a rather large cell. Continue reading

May 2019 on a small river

The peculiarity of fishing in May 2019. The rise to spawn. Chance to catch a chub. Spawning ban.

First of all, the feature of May in 2019 can be called the abundance of vipers. These black creatures are creeping out from under their feet, hissing and, it seems, are not averse to attack, make one more extra move in the direction of the snake. How many can remember, so many of these reptiles of the color of the blued metal were never on the banks of Big Kokshagi. Obviously, their mass appearance is associated with almost summer heat, which anomalously quickly became established already in May. Moreover, the air temperature reaches 27-29 degrees, which for this time can not be called an ordinary temperature. Apparently, the snakes crawled out to bask and indulge in love, since the mating period they fall on May, and the vipers are not very happy about the mass appearance of tourists, tourists and fishermen on the river. Judging by the black color, it is Nikolsky’s viper. Continue reading

Viun is an interesting fish

Description of the loach. Where it is found and how it is caught (gear, bait, time).

On fishing happens a lot of interesting moments that are remembered for a lifetime. So, I remember the case when I caught the loach for the first time in my life. I didn’t intend specifically for this fish, but when catching a crucian from the bottom, this fish appears quite often in the fisher’s catches, especially if fishing is carried out on a worm and some other bait animals.

Just a few words about the loach
The body of the loach is elongated, and in this sense it is in the water at first a bit like a small snake. The specimens I had to catch were no longer than 11 centimeters in length, although there are data in the literature on larger specimens. Continue reading

Catching crayfish in winter
Features and technical difficulties of catching crayfish in winter. As well as fishing, catching crayfish is governed by the rules of fishing. These rules may be slightly modified depending on…


Fishing is not only fish
Do you think anglers go fishing only for fish? No doubt, it is important for the lover of fresh fish, and not the one that is sold in stores. But…


Prying perch
Analysis of underwater shooting perch. Conclusions to which earlier there were only assumptions. A curious thing all the same - underwater photography. These perch-whales, puzzled looking at strange creatures that…


And volgarov buy whiting?
So, a new fishing law has been passed. It will come into force on January 1, 2020. If you go through the main points and draw conclusions, then the main…