If you throw a perch into ... - will it be called a revolt?
... lafa is over. On legislative innovations, in particular, new taxes for calculating the damage caused by predatory fishers to our generous Fatherland. The great army of Russian fishermen meekly…

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What you need for comfortable fishing
On the choice of a fishing suit and thermal underwear. What materials should they be made for comfortable fishing. Whatever may be said about romance and overcoming difficulties, but comfort…

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Pike perch on ultralight with colored cheburashki
Report on spring spinning fishing on ultralight with the use of colored cargo. First experience. The offseason flew by very quickly this year. Armed with spinning, on the very first…

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About paid reservoirs

Fishing on the payboards can be compared with fishing in an aquarium, there is no interest and excitement? Is it really?

Recently, a lot of fishing bases have appeared, where they take care of reservoirs properly, regularly stock them with different kinds of fish, create a convenient infrastructure for outdoor activities, fishing and work. Yes, that’s right, almost all fishing bases have in their assets not just sections of rivers, lakes, ponds assigned to them, but also houses, for fishermen to live in, areas for renting gear, boats, transport, of course, there is also the Internet. It is clear that not everything is at the highest level everywhere, there are simply stocked reservoirs that are periodically cleaned, but there are entire “fishing towns” ready to satisfy any client request. Continue reading

Fishing etiquette

Every fisherman has his own principles, his own approach and attitude to fishing. Somehow I got some summary review of the rules of behavior of a fisherman, which consisted of several dozen points that characterize the angler in one way or another, prescribe their aspects of behavior. I agreed with something, I am ready to speculate about some points. But in order not to go into the comments of other authors, now I want to voice some of my principles, which I try to adhere to when fishing.

– Most importantly, it should be understood that we are all people, and having met a person on a pond, throwing aside a hobby, and attitude should be like a person. The human attitude is the foundation that gives rise to everything else. Continue reading

Rules for successful fishing

Thousands of people go fishing every day! How can skilled fishermen increase their catch to unprecedented results? What rules you need to follow to surprise other fishermen with your catch all year round!

An experienced fisherman, preparing for fishing, will certainly take into account the conditions of the established weather, will inquisitively approach the selection of tackles and baits and will certainly take into account the tastes in the taste of the inhabitants of the reservoir. The rules of successful fishing say: not only knowledge and experience are important, but also a number of tricks that not least play their role in successful fishing. Continue reading

New places for fishing

Nowadays, when fishing stores offer thousands of different gear and accessories for fishing, fishing itself has become available to millions of people, which is an indicator of the popularity of this type of recreation. But at the same time, the fishing itself began to lose some zest. You must admit that if earlier we independently designed and developed something, somehow adjusted the gear to catch the trophy, then today you can buy all this. And, it seems, it is convenient and practical, everything works, the opportunity to choose has appeared, but something inexplicable has gone. I love to walk on the river, exploring and discovering new places for fishing. And somehow I have long since been led, that in a backpack there are always 2-3 ordinary donkeys, the design of which is known to any fisherman. In the past year or two, I also acquired a very cheap Chinese fishing pole, which when folded does not exceed 40 centimeters. Equipped her with a float. As a result, all my “good” does not exceed 2-3 kilograms of weight, it does not interfere with moving around the reservoir at all. I get real pleasure for two reasons: Continue reading

What to catch crayfish

Crayfish bait. Crayfish fishing, as well as fishing, has a lot of fans, and not only in the summer, but also on the ice. True, there are also restrictions in terms of catching these arthropods, which are objects of industrial and amateur fishing (read here). And this is understandable. After all, crayfish have a delicious and dietetic meat, and are also considered to be a special and tasty beer snack.

Crayfish Bait
Lures for catching crayfish can be very diverse, since these arthropods are omnivorous. But the main misconception in this matter is a steady legend that give crayfish only rotten fish and the same meat. These underwater animals are hunters and predators. And therefore, if there is such an opportunity, they will attack small fish, preferring fresh meat to fall. Of course, the crayfish will not refuse from snoнул fish or an animal that fell to the bottom, but if there is a choice, they will choose fresh prey. This combines crayfish with catfish, which are also attributed to simply pathological craving for carrion. Continue reading

By car to the river will not drive up
The new provisions on the water protection zone cause a double impression. It seems that our responsible persons are concerned about the protection of the Russian banks of rivers and…


On the small river in October
Bait and tackle for autumn on small rivers. What are the advantages of Bologna equipment for small rivers in October. Catching on feeder, what bait and prikormku use. Live bait…


Dangers on fishing
What danger can a harmless lodging for the night in a tent, dugout or near a fire mean? It would seem, what danger can conceal in itself a harmless overnight…


New places for fishing
Nowadays, when fishing stores offer thousands of different gear and accessories for fishing, fishing itself has become available to millions of people, which is an indicator of the popularity of…