Dangers on fishing
What danger can a harmless lodging for the night in a tent, dugout or near a fire mean? It would seem, what danger can conceal in itself a harmless overnight…

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White fish on tap
There is almost nowhere to catch on the river, and where you can go fishing in the spring on tap. Tackle, bait and bait. During this period of high water…

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Fishing is not only fish
Do you think anglers go fishing only for fish? No doubt, it is important for the lover of fresh fish, and not the one that is sold in stores. But…

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Fishing is not only fish

Do you think anglers go fishing only for fish? No doubt, it is important for the lover of fresh fish, and not the one that is sold in stores. But the main thing in fishing is different. Imagine a quiet river, where bleak melts in the evening water. A heavy tail will strike the reeds, a frightened feline will respond to this blow and will throw on the sides delicate high-melts. And silence again. The tired sun sets over the horizon and the moon path is already silvery in black water. The time of the owl comes. Dries somewhere in more often, will rest on soft wings and with a black shadow will slide over the grass, strictly looking at each hillock. Is there a cautious mouse? Continue reading

The old dugout

Sometime in these channels of the Cheboksary reservoir there were many dugouts and semi-earthlings. This housing was necessary in the winter for fishermen from the city, and in the spring they were occupied by fishermen from fishing brigades that could be caught even during the spawning period, even by nets. This is a ban to us everywhere.

Dugouts were necessary
Getting to the night in the village was far away, and after a day of fishing it was hard, especially when the snow was wet on the ice and there was still water under it. Continue reading

Features of a small river

On the peculiarities of small rivers, in summer and in winter. How to choose a catchy place?

There are many small rivers and rivulets in the Russian outback that have their quiet charm. Among the meadows and woods they run, ringing on the shallows and stopping in the black whirlpools, where they are already slowly circling in the opposite direction. And then run on. And each such river has its own character. It seems that large fish can not be found in such shallow rivers, which the daytime sun shines through to the bottom? But do not rush to such conclusions. Our urban and suburban river in the spring can give excellent chubs who have taken the feeder. At the exit from the pit, on its brow, it is possible to catch the same feeder of large red-eyed dens, which in size and weight will not yield to the Volga fishes. Continue reading

From a boat on a forest river

Airborne tackle, which can be called a symbiosis of the feeder and side donkey. I have been using these simple and catchy tackles for years on small rivers with a rather strong course.

Heavy equipment onboard donok called “koltsovkoy.” These gears are most often used on large rivers, at least on the Volga, in the Volga region. And this is a very rational and practical tackle, since the leashes with hooks are constantly in the stream of bait washed out of the feeder. If for a fisherman with a feeder it is often the main task – to get relatively exactly to the same place by the feeder in order to create a background feed, then this problem is resolved. The bait is always near the lure. Continue reading

Prying perch

Analysis of underwater shooting perch. Conclusions to which earlier there were only assumptions.

A curious thing all the same – underwater photography. These perch-whales, puzzled looking at strange creatures that have fallen from above, have little resemblance to fish, but for some reason attractive. These approaches are curious yellow-eyed flock to the balancer, fading at the bottom after the passage of the “eight”, and jerks perch grabs the bait and immediately disappear into nowhere, or rather, into the hole of the fisherman sitting on the ice. All this underwater life in sight. And we can draw conclusions for which there were only assumptions earlier. Well, it can be seen that the lure falls exactly between the two yellow eyes of some kind of “sailor”, dodging right away somewhere in the underwater thickets and stones overgrown with grass. Continue reading

Who can be caught in early spring
What kind of fish can be prey in early April? What and where to catch? Nozzles, bait, bait. The period of early spring is a time that can be called…


Fishing in late autumn
Fishing in the late autumn is a new opportunity! What you can try to catch perch, pike, burbot. The yard is deep autumn, and on our little river that flows…


Fishing places. At the island
This is a wide channel, which is called the second, then the third. If we take into account an even wider channel, but rather an ice plateau, which stretches from…


The chain was extended, and the bowl was pushed back.
Now, in the spring, it will be necessary to "tyrit" the plyschikov and shy away from the motorboats approaching ... Features of the current spring fishing. In fact, the article…