Wonderful live bait
The ruff became a live bait in catching not only pike, but even a good perch was caught on a ruff. In fact, the ruff is considered to be not…

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Pike fishing in the grass
The spotted predator often chooses the places of hunting, densely overgrown with aquatic vegetation. In spring, in such places the water warms up much faster than in the river bed…

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Catching on the ice means on the water
Discussions on the new fishing law never cease. There are also concerns that have grounds. There is already information about the first frictions with representatives of the law, namely the…

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Autumn fishing conditions

“White” and predatory fish in the fall. Where to catch the “white” fish with the arrival of autumn. What prikormki and nozzles use. What and where to catch the predator in the fall.

In autumn and especially in late autumn, many fishing conditions change. And first of all it is connected with the cooling of the water and the preparation of most of the fish for a long hibernation in winter. And this forces the fish to feed hard, and all the fish, and those who lie in the wintering pits in sleepy stupor, and those who will move and eat throughout the winter, albeit with a decrease in activity, when compared with summer time. Continue reading

On the small river in October

Bait and tackle for autumn on small rivers. What are the advantages of Bologna equipment for small rivers in October. Catching on feeder, what bait and prikormku use. Live bait on pike.

Although small rivers do not differ in impressive size, they can bring to the angler many delightful minutes of forest silence and wild beauty of the world surrounding the river, where a goshawk soars a hawk, relying on warm air currents, the evening dawn goes out and the bleak sleepily melts in the mirror water of the river. But besides the beauty and landscapes, a small river can bring good prey in the form of a pair of bream, and then a dozen dark silver fish in a good time bream activity. Can peck grapes and three hundred weight, golden ide or red-faced chub. There are many rivers and pikes, and perch in flocks prey on the topcoil. But all this is spring and summer. Continue reading

What you need for comfortable fishing

On the choice of a fishing suit and thermal underwear. What materials should they be made for comfortable fishing.

Whatever may be said about romance and overcoming difficulties, but comfort in fishing is just as necessary as in everyday life at home. And the older the age, the more comfort is required. If at twenty-five years we could sleep on the ice and from the early morning already catch fish, being in the cold and icy wind all day, then over the years such feats become unnecessary when you have the opportunity to spend wonderful hours of fishing without shaking from the cold.

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Fishing in late autumn

Fishing in the late autumn is a new opportunity! What you can try to catch perch, pike, burbot.

The yard is deep autumn, and on our little river that flows 20 kilometers from the city and carries its waters through woodland, fewer and fewer fishermen. This is understandable:

First of all, it’s not so easy to drive to the cherished places, the roads are washed away, and not every modern fisherman is ready to make such sacrifices like walking an extra 2-3 kilometers. Continue reading

Vezloma River, estuary

Fishing places – the river Vesloma, the mouth part. Where and what they catch. Description of the river. What fish prevails in the catch of fishermen. How to get to the river.

In these parts there are quite a few promising places for fishing, including for spinningists. This water body is one of a series of such catchy points that are interesting for anglers, but also vacationers find secluded corners and beaches here.

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The old dugout
Sometime in these channels of the Cheboksary reservoir there were many dugouts and semi-earthlings. This housing was necessary in the winter for fishermen from the city, and in the spring…


Pike perch on ultralight with colored cheburashki
Report on spring spinning fishing on ultralight with the use of colored cargo. First experience. The offseason flew by very quickly this year. Armed with spinning, on the very first…


Viun is an interesting fish
Description of the loach. Where it is found and how it is caught (gear, bait, time). On fishing happens a lot of interesting moments that are remembered for a lifetime.…


Eraser on predator
Classic donka with rubber shock absorber. What is tackle and how to catch it. As you know, the tackle consists of a stock of the main line, undergrowth with leads…